Fort Worth ISD Southwest High School

Project Info

  • Client: Southwest High School
  • Completion Date: Janurary 2021

Areas of Focus

The Fort Worth ISD Career Tech department reached out to us for complete design for a newly renovated building for their award winning, Broadcast Journalism program. This included working with their GC in space design through complete studio and control room system planning based on the needs of the program. This is a state of the art design for a leading high school broadcast program.

It was nice that Digital Resources was providing me all sorts of information. So I always felt like I was connected and knew what was going on. Once we started this process with DRI, our entire workflow transformed. If you are an education facility, teacher, or CTE director, DRI really makes you a number one priority and does a lot to make sure everything is integrated wonderfully for your students.

Darcy McCready

Lead Instructor, Southwest High School