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A/V Systems Design and Integration

Digital Resources Inc is a leading provider of Commercial Audio-Visual systems, design, and integration. With over 20 years of industry experience, DRI keeps you current and competitive with the latest technology customized for your space.”
By calling on us to integrate and install your A/V system, you’ll increase efficiency, communication, productivity, and content reach with the help of our team of technicians. Whether you require installation or ongoing service, we are your 360-degree source for certified, nationally-recognized A/V system designs. You’ll find with our skillfully executed technology solutions that we offer much more than just an installation – we supply a lifetime of A/V system support, partnership, and training.

Our proven process makes
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Complimentary Consultation and Site Survey

For us to build you an audiovisual solution that delivers, we start with a site visit to gain perspective on your exact A/V needs.

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Scenario Buildout

Next, we dig deep into finding the best possible outcome for your A/V needs so that we can provide exactly what you need. Our seasoned team of professionals has over 20 years of experience, and we bring all that knowledge to the table when crafting your audio-visual solution.
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Quote and Statement of Work

Once we design the best possible scenario for you, we deliver a quote and statement of work that outlines the exact price, timeline, and scope of work. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to set it all up.
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Team Meeting and Preparation

Once you sign off on the quote, we meet with your team leads and prepare your production crew for the new project. We thoroughly communicate the scope to everyone involved in the installation to maximize communication and ongoing effectiveness. 
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Scheduling, Delivery, and Installation

We make sure our installation is an asset to your workload and doesn’t slow you down. We take the time to schedule the delivery and installation in a way that fits your production schedule and timelines to best serve you.
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Warranty, Post-Installation Training, and Technical Support

Our relationship doesn’t end the moment the installation is complete. We provide industry-leading A/V solutions with world-class support to match. Your team will also be fully trained on every element of your new setup.
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