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Turnkey Sound Design and Installation

Digital Resources, Inc offers decades of experience creating turnkey projects from the ground up. Our team of industry experts offers a wide range of talent and specialties skills from all facets of the industry. We have designed and installed many facilities, live sound venues, studios, video post-production studios, houses of worship, entertainment venues, recording studios, and more.

Reach out to us today. We will provide you with answers and give you access to incredible resources, tools, consulting, and system counseling for your project.

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Complimentary Consultation and Site Survey

We spend some time with you on-site at your location to learn every aspect of what you need, and why, to provide a custom solution.

The most important step is research and development – for our experts to get the best tools in your hands for all your audio solutions and to understand the acoustics of your space. There’s no “one size fits all” here, we only build and spec exactly what you need and we keep your exact scenario in mind for the entire process.

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Scenario Buildout

Next, we dig deep into finding the best possible outcome for your space to deliver the results you’re after. We combine Digital Resources’ technical capabilities, along with our team of highly respected engineering experts to integrate a complete, all-encompassing system—one that’s uniquely crafted to suit you, your work, the space you’re in, and the clients you serve or attract.
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Quote and Statement of Work

Once we design the best possible scenario for you, we deliver a quote and statement of work that outlines the exact price, timeline, and scope of work. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting, how much it will cost, and how long it will take to set it all up.
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Team Meeting and Preparation

Once you sign off on the quote, we meet with your team leads and prepare your production crew for the new project. We thoroughly communicate the scope to everyone involved in the audio installation.
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Scheduling, Delivery, and Installation

We make sure our installation is an asset to your workload and doesn’t slow you down. We take the time to schedule the delivery and installation in a way that fits your production schedule and timelines to best serve you.
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Warranty, Post-Installation Training, and Technical Support

Our relationship doesn’t end the moment the installation is complete. We provide industry-leading broadcast video installations, and we provide world-class support to match. We pride ourselves at Digital Resources on maintaining ongoing relationships and providing service beyond the sale. We offer onsite, preventative, and general maintenance services year-round to help protect your investment and your business.
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